Who we are:


Here at The Coral Expo, we are a just couple of saltwater aquarium enthusiasts and hobbyists looking to add our own spin to the industry. We have over 10 years of experience in the hobby, a number of successful and unsuccessful tank builds under our belts, and a slew of personal and business connections in the industry. We frequently visit the LFS in the GTA in search of great deals, uber rare creatures and corals, or even just to chat it up with fellow hobbyist. Some of you may have done business with us in the pasts (we do like to buy, sell and trade locally with others), but we are sure that after this venture, we will be meeting and greeting more (if not all) members of the community and vendors.

Our Mission:

The Coral Expo is a young, professional, imaginative planning team aimed at providing local saltwater hobbyists with an exciting event that will have different vendors from all over displaying their best fish, corals and dry-good products. We are first and foremost, true saltwater hobby enthusiasts and we view ourselves are members of the local saltwater community. We look forward to working closely with both vendors and members of the community in order to host an event that will truly be something to remember.